Privacy Policy

At AskCanada (including all its affiliate websites and mobile app AskCanada, hereinafter referred to as AskCanada), we respect your personal information with utmost care.

To serve you better, we in some places encourage you to voluntarily provide minimal personal information, or the AskCanada app may use your phone's non-sensitive info to uniquely identify a login user. This information is necessary to help you (e.g. password help) or to ensure quality content on AskCanada platform (e.g. to prevent registration abuse). No matter how trivial the information is, we treat it as if it is our most secret data. We use your information only for the intended purposes you were informed of and agreed upon. We don't sell or share any of your personal information with any third parties.

Important: The information you post (i.e. questions or answers) on AskCanada is publicly viewable. Please protect your own privacy and respect others'.


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